Best Fiends Hacks, Tips And Strategy Guide

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Best Fiends is a brand new match three battle puzzle game that was just released on the App Store (and I wrongly misinterpreted for a “Best Friends” Game), however it’s actually a truly wonderful title. I am not here to applaud it, though I am right here to show you a full collection of Best Ogres cheats and tips method guide that will help you easily beat each level and also do it in style.


So if you’ve gotten stuck at a details phase in the game or you simply intend to boost your play a little, Touch Faucet Play’s Best Fiends cheats and tips will provide you the best approach guide for the game!

Work on removing the board initially

When you are playing a level that has lots of logs or branches blocking the way, the very best strategy beforehand is to work with eliminating those in order to enable yourself to fill out the board and also have access to all the feasible pieces.

Long suits are your friend

Make sure that you always opt for the longest feasible suits in the game, even if they are not the components of your Ogres. By getting rid of these, not just that you boost the chances of getting rid of blocking aspects from the board, but you likewise free up space for potentially much better items matching the elements of your Demons.

Component things cause more damage

If you have the option making, then most definitely choose creating matches with ceramic tiles matching your Fiends’ aspect because they will trigger a lot more damage. Much more, they fill the power meter, permitting your demons to toss right into play their unique product.

Match near diamonds to get them

Make certain that you create a suit near it this means you will collect it if you see a ruby on the board!

Update your Demons

When you play the game will give you the opportunity to level up your Demons, the little monsters that you gather. Make sure that you do so whenever you get the chance in order to enhance their statistics, particularly the damages they create when suits are made with ceramic tiles of their component.

Sign in to Facebook for 30 free Diamonds

You will get a great deal of free rubies as you play, yet you can get even extra if you connect the Best Fiends game with your Facebook account.

Extra energy cheat

We have actually not attempted this yet, however other players have told us that you could cheat the waiting game to obtain more power by merely stopping the game when you run out it and also transform the time on your gadget: a few hours ought to suffice. After that merely get back to the game and also start playing again!

Replay older levels

If you are beginning to get stuck at a details phase (I personally spent ages at degree 11, for starters) after that the very best choice for you would certainly be to replay older levels that you could quickly beat. In this manner you will certainly accumulate more product to update your monsters and also include more powerful characters into the level you can’t defeat.

Constantly look into the degree demands

Our gameplay will instinctively have us opt for suits with ceramic tiles of the comparable aspect as our Fiends, but sometimes we will be called for to finish matches with other elements also. So always watch on the level demands in the top left corner to understand exactly what you have to do as well as to develop an ideal technique.

With a great deal of technique as well as extra level replays, you will conveniently develop a nice group of Fiends and have the ability to defeat all the levels in this remarkable title. If you have various other Best Fiends cheats and also tips to share with us, allow us know by commenting below!

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