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Medieval Clicker Tips And Strategy Guide

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Our Medieval Clicker cheats and also tips will certainly provide a complete approach guide for both beginner players and advanced ones that intend to discover the ropes in this game as well as see to it that they’re not missing out on anything vital.

Available on both Android and iOS, Medieval Clicker is a great looking limitless clicker/ idle game that follows an intriguing principle, being objective based. This comes as a good method and also offers you an even greater purpose compared to simply touching about like crazy just to collect treasures.

And if you wish to improve, continue reading for our Medieval Clicker cheats, tips as well as total technique guide below!


Faucet with both hands

The faster you touch, the faster you forge weapons and also the faster you do this, the even more money you make as well as the much easier it is to progress through the game. As well as the most convenient way to tap a whole lot is to place your gadget on a level surface area like your desk and also touch with both hands. It functions!

Upgrade your hammer

Your hammer is incredibly essential, as it affects the quantity of crafting points you get involved in the tools. Consequently, it’s important to update it frequently and update its base damages.
There are other choices offered for upgrade with coins too, but the hammer ought to be your major top priority. Next off, I would work with making the most of the offline profits since that pays well after one night, then everything else. You will open extra things to upgrade as you advance via the degrees, yet the hammer stays your primary purpose.

Upgrade the materials

You can likewise upgrade the materials you’re utilizing in order to boost the quantity of gold you obtain each time you market them. This needs to be done too, yet at a much slower rate due to the fact that you’ll go through the initial 3 collections of products quite quick as well as you will not use them once more later on, so it makes no sense to place a great deal of loan there.
But once you begin opening Iron as well as prior to that, it doesn’t harmed making your life simpler and purchase a few upgrades occasionally for the products. When gathering cash becomes excessive of a drag as well as fulfilling the requirements for the goals takes a lot of time, that can be an indicator that it’s time to upgrade the products.

Concentrate on finishing the missions

Medieval Clicker is a game that’s driven by objectives, so the much faster you finish them, the faster you could relocate through the stages. Inspect them all out when they’re readily available as well as focus your entire gameplay on finishing these goals, individually.

Maintain weapons in your storage facility

Maintaining your storage facility loaded with tools is a great idea since it helps you make it through the objectives even much faster. So always attempt to fill it up or maintain it as complete as feasible, but keep in mind to sell everything prior to updating to a brand-new material!

Much more, when a mission is included and also it requires only a specific kind of weapons, you can shut down the warehouse and activate as required and only store the required items, selling the other. This could aid you get some loan to squeeze in some upgrades while collecting.

Tap the weird gems

Every so often, odd gems will certainly fall from your hammer touch them as well as you will obtain all kind of benefits. The very best of them will certainly have exceptional money, so it deserves selecting them all up as well as viewing any kind of ads that might be needed to open one of the most precious ones.

How to spend superior money in the game

As you progress via the materials, brand-new alternatives for increases to be unlocked by investing premium currency are opened. That’s where you must invest your loan on and also never on opening brand-new tools, which will occur naturally as you play the game and progress through the goals.

I really hope that you delighted in these Medieval Clicker tips and also methods and that you now comprehend the game better and also, consequently, you’ll perform better and development faster. If you have any kind of extra pointers to include in help other gamers, don’t think twice to comment below as well as let us understand!

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